ISOFIX BASE - Avionaut.

Promotion price - sale only with a pram (for customers who are currently buying or have already bought a pram from us).

Each of our isofix Avionaut base "passes" through the factory of the baby stroller manufacturer: this way you can be sure that our izofix are 100% compatible with the concret model of the seat.


ISOFIX BASE In three easy steps, the ISOFIX base connects with a car seat in such a way that they together become an integral part of the car's structure.

ISO-fix base for Kite and Carlo seats (as well as Avionaut Jet and Berber).

ISOFIX gives maximum safety and ease of use. It is the safest and fastest system for the correct installation of a car seat in the car, because the seat does not only attach to the car seat, but it becomes an integral part of the vehicle, and in the event of a frontal collision, ISOFIX reduces the rotational movement of the seat.

The ISOFIX base with the seat is homologated according to the ECE R44 /04 standard, for transporting children in car seats.

Two mounting options:

- using the ISOFIX system (if the car has this system)

- using car seat belts

ISOFIX includes an adjustable support leg and a readable indicator of the seat fastening.