PIXEL AVIONAUT Car seat 0-13 kg (Adac 2.0) + adapters

PIXEL AVIONAUT Car seat 0-13 kg (Adac 2.0) + adapters


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In the set with adapters, compatibile to the ordered stroller.


The lightest in the world, light as a feather, the AVIONAUT PIXEL seat, thanks to the use of innovative technology, weighs only 2.5 kilograms, significantly affecting the comfort of its use, especially in the first months of a child's life, when the seat also serves as a baby carrier and each additional kilogram is a heavy load for the parent.

Has the ADAC 2.0 certificate (and with the isofix Pixel IQ Base - ADAC 2.1 base)
The AVIONAUT PIXEL seat has passed all the most rigorous tests, confirming the highest safety of the child.

PIXEL insert - A revolution in the correct positioning of the child in the seat
It is an innovative insert used in the Avionaut Pixel seat, stabilizing and securing the correct positioning of the pelvis, torso and head in a straight line. This not only increases the child's breathing comfort, but also allows to reduce the reflux of gastric contents into the esophagus, ensuring the child's passive safety during the journey. The correct angle of the child's body position in the seat is important for safe breathing, which may also be disturbed by reflux, travel comfort, and for the healthy development of the child's posture. A straight torso, legs bent as in a sitting position - they also offer better conditions for neutralizing the force of impact on the child's body during a collision. This automatically, regardless of whether the child is asleep or not, mobilizes better work and body responses, further reducing the effects of the impact. The PIXEL insert is adapted to the physiological and biomechanical conditions of a small child. The insert should be adjusted to the child's age, gradually removing the individual stabilizers. Despite the improvements, it is recommended to take breaks during longer journeys, at least once every two hours. In addition, Avionaut reminds you that, according to the recommendations of specialists, you should not give food or drink in the seat, as this may cause choking.

EPP material
It is an innovative material with high resistance to physical and chemical factors. Excellent durability parameters make this material ideal for the construction of car seats, because it does not deform even under high loads resulting from a collision. In addition, EPP is an ecological material that is 100% recyclable, moreover, it is antibacterial and fungistatic.

Compatible with the isofix Pixel IQ Base - the set includes an ADAC 2.1 indicator
Isofix base Pixel IQ Base is available in our shop.