Baby trolley 3in1 Kerttu FOXI

Baby trolley 3in1 Kerttu FOXI


Baby trolley 3in1 Kerttu FOXI - is a stable and comfortable stroller. The handle can be adjusted from 80 to 118 cm height - great for tall parents. A large gondola and a comfortable stroller will give Child a comfort and convenience.
Manufactured in the EU, in Poland, in accordance with security standards.
12 months warranty.


Baby trolley 3in1 Kerttu FOXI includes:



Trolley deep - gondola


Car seat

Adapters for attaching a car seat on a frame

A large shopping basket at the bottom of the rack

A large bug "for mom" attached to the handle of the trolley



Cup's holder / bottle on the trolley frame


Frame color: white, black, silver or cream (depends of model)

The frame is made of light and durable aluminum

Easy positioning of the frame at the touch of a finger

Folding the frame together with the wheels


Gel wheels

Each wheel is on bearings

Shock absorbers

Adjustable suspension hardness

The front wheels are rotatable 360* with the possibility of locking for straight ahead

All wheels are easily removed with bearings and suspension

A foot brake on the rear axle

Trolley deep

Gondola - comfortable, with lining quickly and efficiently detachable for washing

Gondola has a cover to protect against bad weather and cold weather

Adjustable headrest in several inclination positions

The handle for driving is made of eco leather

Trolley's handle adjustable for several positions

The deep basket can be mounted on the frame in front or back to the direction of travel

The gondola roof has a multi-level arrangement, depending on the weather

There is an observation window in the back of the gondola

The gondola has a ventilation system

The set includes a comfortable handle, that makes it easy to carry the gondola (without having to wake up the child)


Stroller has a cover for legs

The stroller can be mounted on the frame in both directions - straight and backward to the direction of travel

Stroller has a built-in 5-point seat belt

Barrier protecting the child

The barrier can be removed easy and quickly

The barrier is made of eco-leather, easy to clean

Stroller has a stand (footrest) for legs, made of eco-leather, easy to clean

Few stage backrest adjustment, from full lying to sitting position

Ventilation window in stroller

Car seat

It serves as a car seat up to 10 kg child's weight

With attached adapters for attaching the trolley to the frame

The seat can be mounted on the frame in both directions - forward and rearward facing

The seat has a 3-point seat belt

The seat has a cover and roof, easy removable

Handle for carrying the seat (without having to wake up the child)

The possibility of installing the ISOFIX base under the car seat (ISOFIX for an extra charge, see the section: ACCESSORIES)