Car seat ROTARIO Isofix +18 kg


Car seat ROTARIO Isofix +18 kg is addressed to Babies up to 18 kg child's weight. Provides a comfortable and safe ride in the car. It rotates 360° around - Child can sit in front, back or side (while sleeping) to the direction of travel
Adac 3.1


Car seat ROTARIO Isofix +18 kg:

The Rotario can be mounted rear-facing

ISOFIX with supporting "leg"

Innovative 360 ​​° seat rotation function - the child seat can be positioned sideways, for example when placing the child in the seat or during feeding during a break in driving

The seat is ECE R44/04 approved, manufactured in the ISO 9001 quality standard

It has a 4-level adjustment of the seat inclination (you can move the center of gravity forward, for example for sleeping time).

The headrest can be adjusted in a 7-position position with simultaneous adjustment of the shoulder straps, in order to optimally secure the child's head

Soft, child-friendly upholstery made of fabric and sponge

The upholstery can be removed

Reducer for smaller children

The upholstery is made of high-quality perforated fabrics, which ensures air circulation.

DIMENSIONS of the seat:

Height / length / width: 59cm x 77cm x 45cm

The width of the seat: 32cm

Depth of the seat: 33cm

Height of the backrest: 52cm