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Baby cot TOMI 20 + mattress

Baby cot TOMI 20 + mattress


Sale - only in a set with a pram.


Baby cot TOMI

*If the cot has the function of a lowered side, the drawer option is not possible.

*All cot models have three removable rungs and three levels of bottom adjustment.


Cot version with drop side

A cot with a drop side is an ideal solution to facilitate childcare. At the beginning of life, the child spends a lot of time in the cot. The drop-down function guarantees easier access to the child. This is especially appreciated by mothers who are not very tall. At night, we can add a cot to the parents' bed, the lowered side gives us the possibility of closeness and constant visual control over the baby. Three levels of floor assembly guarantee that it is safe for the entire period of use, and removable rungs make it easier for an independent child to get out of the cot without your direct help. The covers on the long sides will make the furniture retain its nice and aesthetic appearance for a long time.

  • Internal dimension : 120 cm x60 cm
  • Cot made of pine wood
  • Three levels of floor assembly
  • Three removable rungs
  • Casings on long sides
  • Eengraving on both tops of the cot
  • Cot factory packed in a carton (for self assembly according to the attached instructions).
  • Folding is done by using connectors that guarantee multiple assembly and disassembly of the cot.
  • This is a product that complies with the current standard
  • The product is entirely made in Poland

Mattress coconut - foam - coconut

The set also includes mattress filled with coconut - foam - coconut. It is a double-sided mattress with orthopedic properties. The coconut layer guarantees stability and proper ventilation. The hardness of the mattress ensures a free change of position during infancy and facilitates upright posture and taking the first steps.

The cover can be machine washed at 40 ° C.

Dimensions: 120 cm x 60 cm x 9 cm


  • Coconut mat
  • PUR foam
  • Fluffy nonwoven fabric
  • Removable knitted mattress cover (30% cotton, 70% polyester)