Baby stroller Kunert FOXTER

Baby stroller Kunert FOXTER


Baby stroller Kunert FOXTER - shapely, lightweight Baby stroller Kunert FOXTER adressed for Children 6-36 months old. Suitable for both summer and cold winter months. Frame black or white (to choice)

Produced in Poland, in accordance with EU safety standards.


Baby stroller Kunert FOXTER includes:




Shopping basket closed with a zip at the bottom of the frame

The bottle / mug holder on the rack


The frame is made of light and durable aluminum

Easy positioning of the frame at the touch "of a finger"

Folding the frame together with the wheels

Folding the frame together with a pinned stroller

The handle for driving the trolley is made of eco leather

Trolley handle adjustable for several positions


Pneumatic wheels

Each wheel is on bearings

The front wheels are rotatable 360 ​​* with the possibility of locking for straight ahead

All wheels are easily removed with bearings and suspension

A foot brake on the rear axle


Stroller has a winter cover for legs

Stroller has a built-in 5-point seat belt

Barrier securing the child has an adjustable height

The barrier can be removed quickly

The barrier is made of eco-leather, easy to clean

Stroller has a stand (footrest) for legs with adjustable height

The footrest is made of PVC, easy to clean

Stroller has adjustable backrest from full lying position to sitting (4 incline positions)

On the back of the stroller built-in window for observation / ventilation