MIRROR SATIN V3 3in1 Junama

VAT included

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You will find the model of the selected CAR SEAT below the main image of the stroller⤵️

Isofix base
Car seat

The set MIRROR SATIN 3in1 Junama includes:

Construction (frame) + deep gondola + sport stroller + car seat (with adapters matching the car seat model)

The set is made with soft, high quality and durable eco leather (white trolleys) or with high quality fabric, waterproof, UV50+ (black trolleys)

All sizes of the stroller - you will see in the last photo below the main photo

ACCESSORIES included in set:
- Umbrella JUNAMA 
- A bag "for Mom" on the handle of the trolley
- A shopping bag (with eco leather) on the bottom of the structure (the bag can be removed)
- Rain cover
- Net anti mosquitoes
- Bottle holder
- Mattress in the gondola (removable cover, easy to wash)
- Soft insert, for sport seat and for car seat
- Cover for the legs in the gondola
- Cover for legs in the sports seat
- Leg cover in the car seat
- A special pad - mat-floor

The basic price of 3in1 includes the AVIONAUT KITE car seat (from birth to 13 kg, ECE R44 / 04 approval certificate) mounted in the car with seat belts or through the ISOFIX base 

Basa ISOFIX - option to choose from (with additional price), using the button below the main photo -  then ISOFIX is ​​automatically selected for the selected car seat

Other car seats - optional - from birth to 13 kg: PIXEL, CYBEX, MAXI COSI (select with the button under the main photo)

Gondola, stroller, car seat are reversible - they can be mounted in both directions of travel (but we recommend to use deep trolley facing Mom only)

The stroller has a central brake

Double suspension system: 6 shock absorbers ensure a comfortable ride on any terrain

Gel wheels (no air - no need to pump; give a smooth and comfortable ride on any terrain)

360* swivel front wheels (with lock for forward driving)

Clean and maintain the stroller - every 2 weeks REMOVE and clean the wheels (sand and water accumulate inside), then dry the wheels, then use WD-40. Use WD-40 - also on structure joints

Warranty - 24 months (if necessary, we provide a new part for replacement)

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